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News & Clips

ASCAP Composer Peter Fish on Keeping Your Music
It all comes down to one slightly dirty word...

Peter Fish: A Top Composer’s Transition to Content Producer
The creative beehive at 545 W 45th Street just got a little livelier…

Composer Peter Fish Gets 17th Emmy Nomination, For PBS’ “Moment of Luxury” Series

Weekend America: Economic Meltdown Music
We talk to Peter Fish, a composer who is scoring our country’s financial collapse. Fish has been crafting TV news themes for over two decades.…/economic_meltdown_music/

Carter Burwell – News Music
Peter Fish, composer for “CBS Evening News,” “Face The Nation,” “The Early Show,” the CBS Iraq War coverage, and many others

NY1 Online: NY1 Music Video Contest Special–ny1-music-video-contest-special

Sound Design 101

Pedro Andrade from LXTV learns the ins and outs of music and sound design from Peter Fish.

WWII Memorial Video, Music by Peter Fish, featuring VO by Tom Hanks